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Growing and Healing Together
MHTA strives in the development of horticulture and related activities as a therapeutic and rehabilitative medium
Horticultural therapists practice in community gardens, schools, retirement homes, businesses, rehabilitation facilities, correctional institutions and many other settings.
Outdoor Planting
Nurturing plants to grow health is a therapy to help people to grow and feel better naturally. The fundamental growing process helps you to relax and enjoy nature.
Horticulture Therapists and the members collaborate together to share knowledge and grow. Latest therapy news and support.



From the very beginning, the development of horticultural therapy (HT) as a practice and academic discipline in the United States involved pioneers from the State of Michigan. Alice W. Burlingame was prominent in the organization of the National Council for Therapy and Rehabilitation through Horticulture (NCTRH), which was succeeded by the present American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA)...

•Michigan State University was among the handful of institutions of higher learning to provide courses and degree programs in horticultural therapy.
•There have been two national HT conferences in Michigan, including AHTA's 25th annual event in Grand Rapids in 1997.
•MHTA obtained its State of Michigan non-profit organization status in 2001
•MHTA was officially granted 501(c)3 status from the Federal Government effective May 2007



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