Our Mission:
To promote and encourage state and regional interest in the development of horticulture and related activities as a therapeutic and rehabilitative medium.
In honor of
In honor of
Alice W. Burlingame
In a Home for Veterans...
horticultural therapy brightens spirits, encourages interaction and brings residents out of their rooms by providing meaningful activities.
Growing & Healing Together
Those with traumatic brain injury benefit from the relaxing greenhouse and gardening environments as they meet their individual rehabilitation goals.

MHTA Board Members

Pam Leach, IOM Vice President pam@michiganhta.org
Carol Shaw, BA Treasurer
Cathy Flinton, HTR Conference Coordinator cathy@michiganhta.org
Angie Girdham, BAST, HTR Membership Coordinator angie@michiganhta.org
Bonnie Lehman, MSW Year Round Marketing Bonnie@michiganhta.org
Mary Machon, BS Newsletter Editor Mary@Michiganhta.org
Lynn Van Haveren, BA Conference Marketing Lynn@Michiganhta.org