Video Resources

Horticulture As Therapy

Cathy Flinton, a registered and practicing horticultural therapist, presents the benefits of horticulture as therapy with persons with many different types of abilities/disabilities.

Community Flower Power

Listen to Liz Tylander and fellow growers of Common Garden Flower Farm talk about starting a you-pick flower farm in their backyard and opening it up to their neighbors.

Pressing Flowers 101

Sarah Sieradzki demonstrates a plant pressing activity to use with clients – from gathering the materials to making creative greeting cards.

HT Activity and Programming Ideas

Angie Girdham shows the steps it takes to put together HT programming and her approach to setting up HT activities with young adults.

Soilless Floral Foam Activity

Mary Machon shows how to set up a soilless activity and how to use different foliage to create a botanical arrangement in floral foam to root and grow on.

Soil 411 for HT in Healthcare Environments

Listen to Mary Machon as she explains basic components of soil. Especially useful for people who use soil in a healthcare facility.


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